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Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence

Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence

Project Scope:

  • Enabling Civil Works (October 2018 – February 2019)

The scope of this package was to establish the site for the project, ensuring all the correct Health & safety measures were in place to ensure both a productive and safe site for the project. More specifically, G&H were contracted to complete 3 main items. Firstly, the Erosion and Sediment Control System. This system primarily consisted of excavating and disposing of 13,000m³ of material off site to form a Bio Retention Basin & Swale. Secondly G&H had to construct suitable site entries to ensure safe and reliable access to site. Lastly, G&H had to supply and install Piling rig temporary platforms across the site. These platforms accumulate to approx. 25,000 tons in road base material.

  • Detail Excavation Works (February 2019 – September 2019)

The scope of this package was to undertake all detail excavation of all footings and substructure components for the project. This included several structures across the project. This included:

  1. Production Warehouse Building (PWB)
  2. RME (Electronics Building)
  3. Electromagnetic Chamber (EMC)
  4. Administration Building (ADM)
  5. Corporate Training Facility (CTF)
  6. Boxer Storage & Warehouse
  7. Weapons Testing Firing Range (WTFR)
  8. Control Room
  9. Fire Pump Building and Fire Fighting Tanks
  10. Vehicle Wash Bay
  11. Knife Edge
  12. Ford Vehicle Test Track
  13. Winch test
  14. Fuel Bay
  15. Waste, Recycle, Pallet & Tyre Storage Facility
  16. Energex Building
  • Civil & Road Works Package (September 2019 – Expected Early/Mid 2020)

The scope of this package is to undertake all Civil and Road works for the site. More specifically this includes:

  1. Earthworks and Site Profiling
  2. Roadworks & pavements
  3. Kerbs & Channels
  4. Carparks
  5. Footpaths
  6. Bio retention swales and basins, including swale drains and overland flow channels
  7. Line Marking & Signage
  8. Road Barriers
  9. Temporary Footpaths & Road works
  10. Erosion & Sediment Control

Project Highlights

  • Excavation & forming of Bio retention Basin & Swale.
  • Temporary Piling rig Platforms across site.
  • Detail Excavation of multiple facilities across the project.
  • Back filling of the Bio Basin & Swale.
  • Site forming and earthworks
  • Roads and Carparks




Civil Construction


Robert Smith Street, Redbank


October 2018 - June 2020

Construction, Infrastructure Works