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Our Team

It’s About
The People

We acknowledge that any successful company is built on the people. From our people, including our management all the way through to our subcontractors as well as, of course, your people.


Padraig Haskins

Padraig believes the roots of a good business begins from the ground up. Before partnering up with Noel Grealish and starting G & H Civil Contractors, Padraig worked for many large Civil Earthworks Companies starting as young man labouring on the ground to becoming Site Foreman and running million dollar projects.  Padraig knows the meaning of hard work, leadership and customer service.  He has taken he knowledge and experience and now extends all of this in managing G & H Civil Contractors, training staff, overseeing Projects.  He also to this day still works actively on the job sites working on plant and machinery.


Noel Grealish

Noel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business.   Before partnering with Padraig Haskins to create G & H Civil contractors Noel worked as Supervisor for many large Civil Companies and his knowledge of all facets of the industry is extensive and something that you can only obtain from hard work and years in the field.  Noel believes in customer service, professionalism and a hands on approach his experience being the key to G & H Civil Contactors success as one of the leading Civil Contractor in the industry.
Our History


We’re G&H Civil Contractors, a civil construction contracting company who specialises in earthmoving and plant hire. Our team constantly works to deliver projects that exceed expectations. All of our projects are delivered on time and on budget, but it’s the quality of work that amazes our clients every time.
Our Values

Breaking Ground In Civil Construction For 40 Years

Our directors, who have more than 40 years combined experience in the civil construction industry, came together from different earthmoving and civil companies back in 2010. In the beginning, G&H Civil Contractors started as just a plant hiring company. Today, we lend our expertise to earthworks, earthmoving, roadworks, civil construction, and mechanical and electrical projects to name a few.
Our History

Always Deliver Quality

Our client services team works tirelessly to make sure we’re meeting all of your requirements. We want to provide quality in everything we do. From quality of customer service to quality of finish and everything in between.

We have a quality management system. It works as a comprehensive framework for quality in our system and our processes. All of our G&H Civil Contractors team, including management, work within the parameters of our quality management system.
Our Values

Do It Safely

We have a commitment to safety. Our team recognises that safety starts with communication and training. We’re proud of our safety record and the work we put in to uphold it. Starting with ongoing risk assessments and identification of any major hazards, we’ll take the steps to eliminate these immediately.

It’s all about ongoing education on safe operation and procedures for our employees. Whether it’s on a construction site, the worksite, or in the G&H Civil Contractors office — safety is a shared responsibility. All of our employees are inducted by our QHSE Manager and our Safety Coordinator.
Our History

Environment & Sustainability

Environmental consideration is absolutely essential in the civil construction industry. Our team are trained and equipped to use sustainable practices on the worksite. G&H Civil Contractors constantly works to improve our environmental performance, reduce our carbon footprint, and have a positive impact on Australia’s flora and fauna.

In our construction services we make sure we’re using sustainable building features and environmentally sustainable systems: automated lighting, solar heating, rainwater harvesting.


Get in touch now on (07) 3382 7598 or by email at admin@gandh.com.au