Commercial & Industrial Demolition - G&H Civil Contractors
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Demolition Old

Efficient Demolition


We provide demolition services to commercial structures like offices, residential buildings, and public infrastructure. Our demolition team can deconstruct retail complexes and high density precincts and work on structural modifications, strip outs, and heritage works. If certain areas of a building need to be protected, we’ll complete partial demolition. Using strict traffic management and controlling emissions, noise, and vibration, we work to minimise any interruptions to commercial business and nearby residents.

Effective Solutions


Our demolition team offer large scale, industrial deconstruction and decommissioning for applications like mine sites, bulk ports, power stations, quarries, oil and gas rigs, and storage facilities. Experienced in high risk, structural demolition we’re equipped with a strong knowledge of engineering, simulated modelling techniques, and complex heavy lifting solutions — making us the perfect choice for your next industrial demolition. We have clever solutions for the dismantling of stackers, conveyors, chimney stacks, tower structures, and silos.

Sustainable Demolition


We’re committed to protecting and preserving the environment. As part of that commitment, we create and deliver solutions to worksites for the recycling of their waste. Providing solutions so leftover, demolished, or used construction materials can be sent to recycling plants, we keep these materials from harming the environment.

These materials can be recycled to make aggregate, select fill, road base, or structural fill in off site facilities. Plants for crushing or screening are deployed to produce premium concrete. Mobile pugmills can be brought onsite to produce specifically blended wet mix and cement treated materials.

Skip Bins For Any Works

Commercial bin hire

We offer commercial bin hire to high rise construction, demolition works as well as commercial and residential works. Our skip bins range from 6m3 to 32m3 and are hook and craneable.